1. Download files from App Inventor 2 to a PC and then upload them into Android Studio
  2. Upload and use image and sound files into Android Studio
  3. Use a Media Player from inside an Android app

Overview of MLK Soundboard App

The video below summarizes the MLK "I have a dream" soundboard app that we will be building. Professor Wolber's description relates to how the app will be built by your peers who are using AI2. We will build the same app using java and Android Studio.

Video: MLK App Overview

Design Points & Traps to Avoid

In this app, we will be taking images and sound files from inside App Inventor 2 (AI2) and download them to our PC. We will then take these assets and upload (install) them under Android Studio. A separate video tutorial is provided to show you how to transfer the files from AI2 to your PC. 

IMPORTANT: Only lowercase characters, numbers and underscores are allowed for android file names.  So when taking files from your PC and uploading them to Android, it is important that any file names containing uppercase or special characters be changed to remove these characters. For example, when uploading a file name bigShoe.jpg, the file name should be changed to bigshoe.jpg or big_shoe.jpg under Android.