Because the AP Computer Science course moves at such a rapid rate, we need to get students familiar with certain basic concepts before the first day of class. Unit 1 contains a list of logistical duties you must take care of before the first day of school. This consists of installing software on your home computer and also signing up for some free on-line tools.

Install Java on Your Home PC

If you are using these course materials at school, it is likely that both Java and BlueJ have already been installed on every computer in your computer lab. However, you are required to install both of these on your home computer (Windows or Apple). Both of these products are free. If you do not have a PC at home to work with, it will be difficult for you to get your assignments done for AP Computer Science A.

If you have an Apple computer at home, it already comes pre-installed with Java - so you do not have to do this step.

To install Java on a Windows computer, you will have to go to the Oracle website, download Java and install it on your PC. This is simple enough that you can follow the instructions on the Oracle website for doing this. Alternatively, feel free to go to YouTube, search for a video on installing Java on Windows and follow along. 

At the time these course materials were being prepared, the latest version of Windows was Windows 10. The following link provides instructions on how to install Java under this operating system. But be aware that by the time you are using these materials, this video may have already become outdated.

How to Install Java on Windows 10

If for any reason the video, above, is no longer available, you can find a large number of other videos on YouTube that show you how to install Java on a Windows PC.