Set Up External Logins for On-Line Tools Used in this Course

Establishing Logins

During the school year, we will be making use of some external, free on-line tools to help us practice programming. Most of these tools require us to create logins to get access to the materials. Specifically, you must create logins on the following sites:
  1. Coding Bat
  2. Practice-It
Simply click on the above links, go to the respective websites and establish logins on these sites. DO NOT USE THE "MOZILLA PERSONA" FEATURE TO CREATE YOUR CODING BAT LOGIN.

You may have to use your personal account to create an account on some of these sites (such as practice-it) because email verification will not work otherwise. (The school email account will not allow outsiders such as practice-it to send email into the system to verify your email address or for any other reason).

Turning On Teacher Sharing on Coding Bat

For Coding Bat, you also need to turn on the teacher-sharing feature so that your teacher can give you credit for the work that you do on this site. To turn on this feature, simply click on the preferences tag labeled "prefs" on the top right of the screen. Then, under Account Name, be sure to enter your name in the format Last, First. Finally, enter your teacher's email address under "Teacher Share."

If your teacher is Mr. Sarkar, enter: