Debugging Programs in Java

Debugging Programs

For our exercises, we will be using the BlueJ IDE for learning how to debug. However, if you are using an Eclipse (or some other) IDE, you are encouraged to learn how to debug on that IDE instead of falling back to BlueJ. Note that at our school, debugging on Eclipse has proven difficult due to security restrictions imposed by our IT department on the network. 

These two videos explain how to use the debugger in BlueJ:

This first video gives the basics:

This next video shows some advanced techniques to look inside objects:

Debugging Lab

You are encouraged to play around with the debugger before starting this lab. In this set of exercises, you must fix the bugs (both compiler as well as semantic) to get all the programs running. You are encouraged to use the debugger to help you do this. After going to the link, below, download the directory marked "Debugging Lab".

Link to Debugging Lab