Network Security

Network Security


The Internet is built on a hierarchy of connected devices like servers, routers, switches, hubs, and many more connected devices. These devices talk to each other using protocols that are well defined and allow for new devices to be added to the network. We want to understand how these networks communicate and the protocols that they use.


Explore the protocols and systems that are used in networks that allow for communication between devices.


Students will be able to:

  • Describe what ports are and identify which ports are used for common protocols
  • Use basic web services like DNS lookup, WHOIS, and other network tools.


  • For the Teacher
    • Print or distribute the Network Tests document.
    • Print or distribute the Ports document.
  • For the Students


Teaching Guide

Getting Started

Watch the Internet series of videos used in’s CSP course.



Work through the Network Tests document and answer the reflection questions.


Work through the Ports document.



  • Why was the internet developed the way it was?
  • How are new network devices connected to the larger network.
  • Is there a central authority that needs to be notified when a new device is added to the network?