Cyber Warfare

A Cyberattack by North Korea Creates Problems for Sony

US versus China: The War is Already Underway

US versus Russia: It Is Not Just Election Interference

Stuxnet: The CIA Does It Too

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Cyber Warfare

TODO: Discussion of some topics and themes look at the listed attacks, see if there is a better database of attacks with more description of the specific attack.


Deep dive and discussion on the role of cyber in warfare and the implications for people as more people become capable of launching a cyber attack.


Students will explore some of the more famous cyber attacks and discuss how countries, businesses, and individuals can work to keep themselves secure from attackers.


Students will be able to:

  • Identify important historical cyber attacks
  • Explain the rationale for an attack
  • Compare differences between state actors and other groups in a cyber attack


  • For the Teacher

  • For the Students


Teaching Guide


  • Have students research alone or in pairs one of the following cyber attacks
  • Students should fill out the guide and create a presentation based on the questions and their research.
  • Finally, students will present their work to the class.

Cyber Attacks:

  • Estonia 2007
  • Syrian Bombing 2007
  • Georgia 2008
  • China in 2008
  • Eastern Railway 2008
  • Gaza Cyberwar 2008
  • Google & China 2010
  • Stuxnet


Watch: PBS Nova - Cyberwar Threat



  • Cyber Security Reflection


  • What is the reason for engaging in cyber war for a non-nation? Why would a group choose to target a government’s computer systems?
    • Who should monitor this type of action?
  • How should hackers be punished if they hack a government?
    • What if they are working for another government?
    • What if they don’t attack a government but instead attack a company or group?
    • What if the target is a terrible organization like a hate or terrorist group?

Assessment Questions

  • What is the purpose of a cyber-attack?
  • What type of damage can be done through a cyber-attack?
  • What are the benefits of a cyber war over a traditional war?
  • Cyber-attacks are not always perpetrated by nation-states like the US, Russia, China, etc. Who are some of the other groups that are not nations that are engaged in cyber warfare?

Questions on Cyber Warfare

1 point
Can a computer virus damage hardware?
1 point
The US is an active participant in Cyber Warfare against other countries including Russia, China, and Iran.
1 point
Most cyber war activities that are done by the US as well as its adversaries are never revealed to the public