Getting Started: Installing BlueJ

BlueJ is a set of tools that we will be using in class to develop your Java programs. It provides an editor to help you write your code. It also provides a compiler to take your source code and turn it into an executable file. BlueJ also provides a graphical interface allowing you to visualize how the classes you create relate to each other.

If you are using these course materials on your school computer, likely your computer lab already has BlueJ downloaded on every machine - so you can skip this step. However, you are strongly encouraged to install BlueJ on your home computer so that you can finish your assignments at home if necessary.

Below are examples of videos on YouTube that show you how to install BlueJ on Windows and the Mac. If, for any reason, these videos are no longer available, you can find many others on YouTube.

This first video shows you how to install BlueJ on your Windows computer.

Installing BlueJ on Windows

This video shows you how to install BlueJ on your Apple computer:

Installing BlueJ on a Mac